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“International Bartender School” has been in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties for 18 years. For the last 15 years the school has been the passion of Sally Robinson who has created thousands of Bartender Jobs throughout the county. It is almost impossible to find a Bar, Restaurant, Hotel or a Private Party in these counties and have the drink made from a Bartender that did not graduate from the “International Bartender School” Our Bartenders are everywhere! In both counties, California, Nationally and even Internationally! “International Bartender School” is so well respected and well known that rather than establishments running ads and having to interview dozens of potential bartenders, they simply call the “International Bartender School” Not only has the school become an Icon in the community but parents who graduated years ago are now sending their own kids to the school! It’s one of the very few industries hiring now. There is a high turnover and a need for highly trained, qualified Bartender Professionals to fill countless new Bartender Positions. Bartending is a highly paid, fun, flexible, exciting, career opportunity that can take you anywhere in the world! The room for advancement is literally unlimited! Good times or Bad times, people will always eat and drink.
“International Bartender School” in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties can have you trained and ready to work as a Professional, with daily cash in your pocket, in as little as one to two weeks! Once you become Certified you automatically receive Lifetime Job Placement Assistance and Refresher Courses whenever you need them! In a fast moving society like ours it is not unusual for a past graduate to come back to the school 5 and even 10 years later and take the entire course over again! And it’s Free! The School has proved over and over that learning this great craft is easy, it’s fun and it’s lucrative! Whether you want it for a part time transition in your life or as a major career move, it’s a very smart choice! Continue checking out our web site.  Then give us a call. We have a lot to show you  so we’ll set up a fun, twenty minute orientation to get all your questions answered. Again, Welcome to the possibility of one of the most fun experiences you will ever have!

International Bartender School has been in business for 18 years and has created hundreds of jobs through out Ventura County.

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